Out of the frying pan into the shipping container

Out of the frying pan into the shipping container

Here goes my first blog…

After 25 years in professional kitchens, I’ve taken a break from cooking and running brigades of chefs and picked up a saw and hammer and started making various products over the last few years for friends and family and this has grown from my hobby into Richkins Woodcraft

Today we are starting a new journey as we will be signing the papers on Tuesday to start renting a shipping container in the fabulous Boneyard collection on paper mill road in Cardiff. Really excited and can’t believe the dream is coming true.

In light of recent events with Covid-19 we have had to change our business plan from making chopping and serving boards for the catering industry and are really missing attending the chef’s forum networking events and hopefully we can get back to this at some point maybe this year or at least next year,but also very concerned for my fellow chef’s, front and back of house friends that are facing very scary times and sadly many of them are facing redundancy as the industry will struggle in the new normal and will need our support to help them find there feet again.

Our shipping container is going have a small workshop at the back of the unit for me to create items whilst i’m onsite and have a showroom for our products that we make, and will showcase our sister company Richkins Handmade (aka my wife’s work)

In the showroom we are going to sell –

Seasoned live edge boards for crafters and trade to use in there raw state

Turning blanks for all you wood turners out there

Handmade gifts from Richkins Handmade and Woodcraft plus of course chopping boards

We will also stock seasoned fire logs and wooden smokeless briquettes for your log burners

We are really hoping you join us on the journey and check out our social richkins.woodcraft on Instagram and Facebook or sign up for our blog below.

Loves & Hugs

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